Hi. Hi, blank page, I’m writing. I’m not thinking, I’m just writing, so this is not anything really. What comes out when one writes without thinking? Or planning. I didn’t plan, I didn’t have any idea what I was going to write or what I was going to write ABOUT. Is this a poem? A story? An essay? A song? A dance? Am I writing a painting or a sculpture or a fish tank?

And what am I wearing? I didn’t get dressed today except to put my workout shorts on under my nightshirt for when I worked out. I didn’t shower or brush my teeth, either. Why? Because I was doing other things, of course.

The cats are outside. It’s one of those lovely summer evenings. I was outside with them for awhile.

If I keep writing like this, without thinking or planning, will I ever run out of things to say? Who knows? I don’t. Is there a god?

Non sequiturs are allowed, by the way, because this is crazy.

You know, a couple days ago, I was feeling frazzled and crazy due to events, and I wrote a crazy-assed letter to an enemy so that we could not be enemies anymore. Should I get personal in this thing? Anyway, it worked, and I have now gained back a friend. Yay!

I just thought of my sister. Funny how pictures float in. They always do that, you know.

It’s good that I’m writing. Writers are supposed to write every day, but I go for very long periods without writing. Well, I write emails and texts and Facebook posts.

Changing the subject: Cookies. First word that came to mind. I don’t even eat cookies anymore, and I sure don’t bake any. Cookies.

Onions. Salad. Salad dressing. Bagels. Love.

When things get humorous, I sometimes think of Lane. Lane is funny. Lane and I are funny together.

I may not even read this back.

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