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Hi. Hi, blank page, I’m writing. I’m not thinking, I’m just writing, so this is not anything really. What comes out when one writes without thinking? Or planning. I didn’t plan, I didn’t have any idea what I was going to write or what I was going to write ABOUT. Is this a poem? A story? An essay? A song? A dance? Am I writing a painting or a sculpture or a fish tank?

And what am I wearing? I didn’t get dressed today except to put my workout shorts on under my nightshirt for when I worked out. I didn’t shower or brush my teeth, either. Why? Because I was doing other things, of course.

The cats are outside. It’s one of those lovely summer evenings. I was outside with them for awhile.

If I keep writing like this, without thinking or planning, will I ever run out of things to say? Who knows? I don’t. Is there a god?

Non sequiturs are allowed, by the way, because this is crazy.

You know, a couple days ago, I was feeling frazzled and crazy due to events, and I wrote a crazy-assed letter to an enemy so that we could not be enemies anymore. Should I get personal in this thing? Anyway, it worked, and I have now gained back a friend. Yay!

I just thought of my sister. Funny how pictures float in. They always do that, you know.

It’s good that I’m writing. Writers are supposed to write every day, but I go for very long periods without writing. Well, I write emails and texts and Facebook posts.

Changing the subject: Cookies. First word that came to mind. I don’t even eat cookies anymore, and I sure don’t bake any. Cookies.

Onions. Salad. Salad dressing. Bagels. Love.

When things get humorous, I sometimes think of Lane. Lane is funny. Lane and I are funny together.

I may not even read this back.

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Author Ron Kule Shares My Poem, “The Day,” with the World (Thank you, Ron!)

Carole Eddington is a poet, whom I’ve known only through facebook. The following is her poem — one of the most honest and revealing that I’ve had the pleasure to read in eons. This one is for the ages. the day wow what a weird day wow it was seven then eleven it was breakfast […]

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Accidental Blog

I didn’t know this would actually show up in the right place!  This is great!  Sorry, I’ve been very WordPress delinquent and virginal.

Anyway, if anyone sees this please say hi!  I’m Carole Eddington, writer/poet, AKA Vinakti.  I have a lot to say!  I am from a family of artists, and we thrive on great truths and silliness.

What about you?

By the way, the picture is my granddaughter Londyn.  She is magic.