Poems & Other Short Pieces


my feet are cold but I’m gonna write this anyway

it’s really halloween at my house
it’s scary as hell
it’s hellacious as hell, too
it’s hell

you wouldn’t know it today because it’s quiet
kind of messy, though, ‘cause my universe is upside down

everyone’s gone but me & the cats
and everything is strange

I can fix my cold feet though
be right back

OK, that’s better
I put a robe on, too

I’ve been facebooking in the last couple hours about
the horrors of the world
which are enough to unsettle a person

but I’m so personally unsettled by what happened last night

wow, everything looks so different from the Chaotic Catacombs
and this is a poem without purpose
it just is
and that’s close enough for jazz

I’m feeling like Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character Sadie Flood
in the movie Georgia
maybe now I understand why she was so unglued
I’m unglued
having been rudely stewed

wish I could look as cool as Sadie
then I could wander the streets and be saved
I’m serious

Copyright ©2012 by Carole T. Eddington. All rights reserved.




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